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Good Days | Brand New Day

Good Days is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering financial support for cancer and chronic disease patients. This video raises awareness among patients and their caregivers, and was created as part of a larger rebranding effort which included a new website, logo, and tagline.

Andre Phillipe Menswear | Launch 

The official launch video for Andre Phillipe Menswear positions the brand as one that's all about individual, custom-tailored style. Featuring the company's founder & CEO, the video communicates the purchase of an upscale lifestyle; not just a high-end suit. The dynamic flashes of fire and ice match the hot and cool style of every suit.

All-Pro Fasteners | Facility Tour

A complete, front-to-back facility tour was created for customers who want to see the experts at All-Pro Fasteners in action. The video guides viewers through all the primary areas of the on-site facilities, focusing specifically on the full extent of the company's manufacturing, inventory, distribution, and quality assurance capabilities. 

ManeGait| Gala at the 'Gait

The annual charity event for this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization kicked off the evening with this uplifting video. It includes special commentary from staff, sponsors, and community members. Together they tell the story of what therapeutic horsemanship means to children and adults living with disabilities, and why ManeGait means family. 

All Me League | Take the Pledge

This video featuring Texas Rangers Elvis Andrus is part of an awareness and direct response campaign, originally based on a series of print ads promoting the All Me League and its mission to end steroid abuse. Elvis Andrus and other participating MLB players encourage fans to follow in their footsteps by joining the All Me League and taking the pledge to train, perform and live PED free.