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TIGI | Hair Reborn


TIGI's product website and promotional materials promised to inject new life into damaged and frizzy hair for a beautiful transformation. The new website for these exclusive product lines features chic photography and promises a journey of hair transformation. The launch of the website coincided with a targeted promotion for TIGI's appearance at ABS Chicago, one of the nation's largest annual beauty conventions.

ExamSoft | Security Locked Down 

Unlike most of its competitors, ExamSoft provides secure testing software that virtually eliminates cheating--without depending on the internet to work. This campaign, featuring a landing page, infographic and company eBook, compares how locked down browsers that require an internet connection fail to measure up to the security capabilities of an offline SaaS. | Buyers Rejoice

"Buyers Rejoice" captures the feeling car buyers have when getting an approved car loan is unbelievably fast and easy. The high-energy emotion is the payoff for consumers who can shop confidently with a car loan in hand. The integrated campaign increased application inquiries by 39 percent and increased completed applications by 5 percent.

Challenger Advisors | Challenge Accepted

Challenger Advisors is the business consulting firm for middle-market companies, offering strategized solutions to complex financial and operational challenges. The website theme "Challenge Accepted" plays off the company name and effectively communicates the myriad of business obstacles Challenger Advisors helps tackle. The home page features a series of sliders that speak to each of the company's key services and the business-oriented imagery help to easily identify the target market.